The Paprika Project is back.

The Paprika Project is back.

Last summer I stopped writing. I stopped taking photos, exploring Hungary and sharing it with the world. I stopped creating. These things happen. Last summer was a season of sweat and cement. Literally wheel barrow loads full of both. I became well acquainted with my father-in-law’s ‘furik‘ or depending where you’re from, ‘talicska‘.

2016 was a crazy, crazy year: We bought a house, started a business, did major construction on said house, began building my father-in-law’s house, and just for good measure had our first baby (well he was actually born at the start of this year).  This left little time, let alone energy for writing or travel.

A couple of days ago I received a message on my Facebook page (rare these days). It was a guy inviting my wife and I to come and visit him in Budapest. Why? No reason except that he enjoys The Paprika Project and wants to chat. This is the beauty of travel, the internet and human social behavior. The amazing thing is I’ve received numerous invitations like this in the past. And through these interesting, and sometimes awkward meet-ups,  I’ve met some truly remarkable people (sorry to those I haven’t been able to meet).

Now, I had to turn down the guy’s invitation, or at least postpone due to the new baby. Nevertheless we then engaged in conversation through messaging. He turned out to have an incredible life story. From his encouragement it hit me that I’ve been missing that certain something that gets my fire burning: expressing my tangled thoughts through writing.

I’d forgotten all the amazing things that happened to me when I was writing regularly; all the people and places I’d encountered. There were times when a string of events happened with some kind of divine synchronicity. Of course I experienced my share of negative feedback and haters. But you know, the players gonna play and the haters gonna hate (never thought I’d paraphrase Taylor Swift, but hey, I have a baby now so whatever). Moving on…quickly. My point is that my passion for getting back to this writing thing is fueled by people like you. And for that, I sincerely want to thank you .

Things have slowed down a bit now. Perhaps it’s time to pick up that camera again, explore new places and share them. We won’t be hitting wineries all the time with the baby, although that could be a new niche travel genre: baby friendly wineries. Think about it. What we will do is continue this journey of discovering Hungary, warts and all. We’ll also be raising our Hungarian-Irish-American son along the way.

Wish me luck. I fear I’m gonna need wheel barrow loads of it.


  1. Welcome back and congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy.

  2. Congratulations to you both on your new baby and best wishes and good health to all!
    Glad you are back writing too!!

  3. Glad you are back! And congrats on your son. Looking forward to your insights about Hungarian life.

  4. High time you are back, I missed your pictures and reports here in Toronto. Congrats to the baby!

  5. Congratulations on your new baby, welcome back?????

    • Thank you!