Tokaj Springs to Life- Experience Hungary’s World Famous Wine Region Like Never Before

Tokaj Springs to Life- Experience Hungary’s World Famous Wine Region Like Never Before

As the Hungarian countryside explodes with lush greenery and unfurling splashes of color, so too does the Tokaj Wine Region. Not only in the simplest sense, of course, but in the focused activity of impassioned devotees. Hungary’s most famous wine area sees grapevines budding and flowering, as well as a series of engaging events marking the season’s kick-off. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting a 6 puttanyos Tokaji Aszú , or a top-shelf Tokaji Furmint for that matter, you need no convincing; you know full well the spirit these wines convey.

Tokaj Wine Spring


Next Friday April 21st this festive weekend pops the cork with the first annual “Tokaj Fair”, a showcase for the region’s best producers.  Saturday is focused around the Great Tokaj Wine Auction, while Sunday includes a tour of the Kincsem Kastély Winery and vineyard.

There is certainly something inherently magical about Tokaj and the wines made from this unique land. It has captivated me and many others long before my time, and will surely continue to cast its spell on future generations. There is a renaissance of sorts going on here: A time where uncompromising dedication to quality and tradition fuses with modernity and forward thinking. Next weekend, Tokaj lovers and novices alike have the chance to experience this place in all its glory. A chance to enjoy Tokaj with all 5 senses and perhaps, maybe even feel that sixth sense magic too.

2017 Tokaj Spring (in Hungarian & English)

2017 Tokaj Spring Program

Great Tokaj Wine Auction

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  1. Sounds as though the region comes alive. Happy Easter to as you celebrate your first with Benjamin. Love to Anita.